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What’s keeping you up at night? The Eurozone crisis? Dodd-Frank?  The fragile economy?  Oil market volatility?  Each of these concerns are enough to keep treasurers and CFOs around the globe up at night; combined, and it’s a wonder any of us sleep at all.

Although crises are the norm in today’s financial environment, treasury organizations must try and  deliver and execute business strategies that help their organizations achieve growth and stability.  But are CFO’s and treasurer really equipped to do this?

A recent CFO Insight Study by Deloitte shows that CFOs are worried about missteps in execution.  According to the study, a whopping 60% of CFOs surveyed expressed concern over their adaptability when it came to executing a strategy amid changing conditions.

The pressures on today’s treasury departments are enormous — and intensifying.  Treasury is increasingly becoming the financial nerve center of organizations everywhere.  Whether it’s a merger, acquisition, product expansion or capital project or risk mitigation, treasury is at the heart of all strategic growth initiatives.

With such fast-paced change it is important to keep up to date with the latest industry trend and insight. This blog has been created to share just this. Whether you are the CFO or you work for the CFO, we invite you to read this blog, comment on the posts, ask questions of the authors and subject matter experts, forward posts to colleagues, tweet links, and generally help “Treasury Grapevine” become a  useful resource for treasury and finance professionals everywhere. We look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Masquelier François on July 5, 2012 at 11:14 am

    What keep me up at night is diversified. I guess mainly:
    (1) New (coming) regulations (e.g. OTC derivatives EMIR – see recent ESMA draft published in end of June) and reporting to trade repositories; Credit Rating Agencies; MiFID II; CRD IV; etc…)
    (2) Creditworthiness of my bank partners and how to best select banking partners these days. It also includes how to measure this creditworthiness the best possible way(s).
    (3) How to improve our internal controls with better STP and integrated/embedded processes into TMS/ERP and links with other IT tools and platforms. How to improve reporting and automation of processes at treasury level?
    (4)New IFRS 9 (and IFRS13) impacts on our processes and how we apply hedge accounting. How to deliver (new) required reporting on time.
    (5) EUR, “live or let die” – when the sovereign debt crisis will end?
    (6) eBAM or BAM ? how to be prepared at best? We have drafted our road map for the next three years
    (7) … and now time to sleep…;

    François Masquelier

  2. Masquelier François on July 5, 2012 at 11:21 am

    EFRAG is looking for Corp volunteers for field testing IFRS 9 hedging new provisions and measures in practice. Interested?
    EACT invites you to participate. Interested? please visit EFRAG website: : http://www.efrag.org/Front/n1-956/Call-for-new-members-of-the-EFRAG-Financial-Instruments-Working-Group.aspx

    Thanks in advance.