Treasury Outlook with ATEL´s Chairman François Masquelier

François Masquelier, Chairman of ATEL – Corporate Treasurer and Risk Manager, shares views and visions in an interview with Reval.

1.    What was the most challenging project in your treasury department in 2013?

Looking back, we faced two major challenges last year. The first was definitively EMIR, a regulation which had a very tight deadline and increased the requirements for derivative reporting significantly. In 2013, our second focus was optimizing international payments, and we were able to successfully roll-out a payment factory through-out the company.

2.    What is the biggest risk treasury is facing today? How are you mitigating this risk?

From a business perspective, managing FX volatility is a priority to treasury. However, I consider compliance with existing and upcoming regulations another critical risk factor. As the regulatory environment is becoming increasingly complex, treasury needs to find ways to improve internal controls or risk non-compliance.

3.    What will be the biggest drivers for change in treasury in 2014?

Regulations, without a doubt.

4.    Which strategic initiatives will you focus on in 2014? How will technology support you to reach your goals?

As a team, we will work on improving our internal controls; therefore, technology will be vital. As I am in charge of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), my personal focus will be on improving risk analyses and reporting, so again, technology is clearly necessary.

In general, we have to make sure our treasury solutions and other satellite systems enable compliance. In particular, we will evaluate how to evolve the “Business Intelligence” side of our tools in 2014.

5.    What technological innovations would help you to evolve your treasury function in the next 3 years?

Treasury technology should become more integrated and comprehensive. It should become more flexible to be easily adapted to new regulatory, such as upcoming IFRS 9, which will be our next big regulatory challenge. Although it´s not new, I consider SaaS as attractive technology for treasury and think it will be used more often in the future.