Top 10 Challenges and Trends in Treasury in 2016

What topics are top of mind for treasurers in 2016? See the findings of the Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey to find out. More than 600 global finance professionals from all industries, regions and company sizes participated in the online survey, rolled out by the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT), Treasury Strategies and Reval.

Top 5 Treasury Challenges

  • As globalization increases and currencies remain highly volatile, 79% consider cash and liquidity risk a major challenge
  • Cash management, cash forecasting and risk management are strategic priorities
  • EMIR/Dodd Frank are still top concerns in many treasuries, but Basel III (55%) and IFRS 9 (38%) are moving up on treasurers´ agendas
  • 66% of survey respondents say treasury´s scope is growing into new areas such as commodities, supply chain finance and insurance
  • With the vision of being a strategic treasurer in mind, finance professionals start reviewing policies, processes and technology to standardize and automate treasury operations

Top 5 Technology Trends

  • As 70% of treasurers think staff will stay the same or even decrease, most treasurers turn toward technology to centralize and automate treasury operations
  • 95% of treasurers consider technology as enabler to change in treasury
  • On average, treasury uses 3.3 different tools
  • Although system upgrades are on the rise, most treasuries are stuck with out of date technology
  • Treasurers identify lack of budget as a top roadblock to treasury transformation and technology adoption.

Find out more about challenges, structural changes and technology in treasury download the Report Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey.