TEXPO 2015: Treasurers Three Most Burning Questions

From 19th to 21st of April 2015, over 1,000 treasury and finance professionals regrouped at this year´s TEXPO® in San Antonio. TEXPO is one of the leading financial management conferences in the US. It´s sponsor is the Alliance of Texas Treasury Associations (ATTA), a non-profit organization that brings together the regional Treasury associations from Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Here a short summary of the top questions our experts have been asked at the Reval exhibition stand:

How can I improve global cash visibility?
When looking for global growth and new business opportunities efficiently managing global cash becomes a priority. Leading Texan companies approached Reval´s experts to learn more about best practices to improve cash visibility and mobilize global liquidity reserves.

What´s new in commodity risk management?Due to recent changes in the North American oil & gas hedging instruments markets, many treasurers are reviewing their commodity risk management programs and were interested find out how the Reval Cloud Platform for Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) can help to automate and optimize their commodity hedging programs.

How can I better control foreign currency fluctuations?
The rise of the US dollar, the ongoing Eurozone crisis, currency wars in Asia, and devaluations in Latin America have its effects on US corporations operating outside the domestic market. Today, hedging FX risks is more important than ever to mitigate P&L volatility. Reval´s team shared case studies on FX exposure netting and Cash-Flow-at-Risk analysis with worried finance professionals.

As liquidity, commodity and FX risk are concerns for many treasury professionals Reval´s speaking session “Hedge Accounting for Effective Risk Management” was very well attended. After reviewing the impact of not hedging, which was true for many session attendees, participants learned how to develop a hedging strategy and program.

Aside from sharing cash and risk management best practice cases from our global client community, Reval ´s team also helped the conference attendees to understand the value cloud technology can bring to their treasury function and to build a business case for technology projects.