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Taking the Fear Out of Mid-market Treasury Reporting

As a treasurer in a fast growing mid-market company, would you agree to this statement: Reporting is the most exciting task in treasury. No? Reporting is torturous to many treasurers, especially when done on spreadsheets. It is time consuming to collect financial data from bank portals and ERP systems. It is burdensome to chase controllers…

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Reval Recommends: Top 10 Articles in March 2016

Reval’s Solutions Consulting team helps treasurers from around the world leverage technology for operational and strategic challenges. They keep a strong pulse on the market and are Reval’s think tank. Their focus is on best practices for financial risk, cash and liquidity management strategies and tactics. As such, here are their must read articles from…

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Treasury Nightmares: Cash Forecasting with Spreadsheets

Treasury reporting can be a torture. Especially, when done in spreadsheets. For example, the CFO needs a cash forecast for the next year to understand how to fund an investment in Brazil. He asks his treasurer to put together a report until their next monthly meeting. The treasurer has never done a global forecast and…

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