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Five Rewards Asian Treasuries Can Reap from Embracing Straight-through Processing

Asia’s complex and competitive landscape means that corporate treasurers have to cope with a range of issues such as market, counterparty and price risk along with running efficient liquidity management across different asset classes and currencies. As a result, they need an integrated treasury workflow that streamlines processes effectively and provides them timely access to…

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Treasury Outlook with Swarovski´s Oliver Gygax

Oliver Gygax, Vice President Corporate Treasury at Swarovski shares views and visions in an interview with Reval. 1) What has been the most challenging project in your treasury department in 2013? The new “Know Your Customer” requirements differ a lot from country to country, complicating bank relationship management. In some cases, opening a new bank…

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Finding FX Exposures in the Enterprise Haystack

It’s the end of the quarter, and you need to close the books in a few days.  While you were hoping for a nice offset between your underlying balance sheet exposure and the hedges you put in place, unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way.  There is a large net FX loss that needs explaining,…

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