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Reval Recommends: Top 10 Treasury Articles in October 2016

Cyber security continues to be the hottest topic in the treasury industry. With the number of cyberattacks increasing constantly, leading consultants, banks and treasury system providers are teaming up to help finance organizations counter this growing risk. A good read on cyber security was published this month by GTNews. Besides cyber security, finance professionals are…

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Reval Recommends: Top 10 Treasury Articles in August/September 2016

It’s hard for treasurers to keep up with regulatory change. The proposed regulation 385 is challenging treasuries in multi-national corporations, as the new rules could have negative effects on intercompany loan management. At the moment, most treasuries are still trying to understand what the impact on their treasury operations would be. Good reads to better…

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Regulation 385 Compliance: How Treasury Technology Can Help

Requirements under Section 385 Intending to deter corporate tax inversions, the U.S. Treasury Department issued proposed regulations under Internal Revenue Code section 385 in April 2016. The new rules determine whether an instrument is considered debt or equity, or a combination thereof. As there are negative implications to treating intercompany loans as equity, finance teams…

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