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Conflicting Messages: Death of Short Cut vs Death of Quantitative Assessment

While many will commend the FASB for mandating measurement in all circumstances, it seems odd to go the other direction by eliminating the highly effective criteria under the current quantitative assessment requirement. The FASB states that “eliminating the shortcut method and the critical terms match method would result in a more consistent model for assessing hedge effectiveness.”

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When Opposites Distract – FASB and IASB

When the FASB and the IASB started talking about the convergence of accounting standards back in 2006, the road map was pretty optimistic. Now the path to convergence is clearly widened further. No doubt its exposure draft issuance will coincide with the holiday period with comments due by September, so don’t forgot your laptop when your pack your suitcase.

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Will FAS 133 (ASC 815-20) Revised be the New Frontier for Derivative Accounting?

The FASB is expected to issue an exposure draft to FAS 133 (ASC 815-20) as part of the Financial Instruments Project in the next few days. Assuming for once, that the FASB keeps to its timetable (don’t hold your breath, I’m not), the Exposure Draft is basically expected to be a re-issue of the Exposure Draft that was issued in July 2008, and one that generated close to 2,000 comment letters.

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