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3 Treasury Technology Trends to Watch

As treasury changes so does treasury technology. Learn about the latest technology trends that support a nimble, strategic treasury function: 1. Treasury Moves into the Cloud Corporates looking for a new treasury system rarely request the traditional client-server-model, where the software is installed at the client´s site and accessed via a desktop application. Today, cloud solutions…

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How Mistaking ASP for SaaS Can Cost You

If your treasury system´s licence is expiring and you are trying to decide whether  the solution you have in place is still the right tool for your team, you may want to consider a cloud solution. But be careful, not all cloud solutions are the same, and what you don´t know can cost you. There…

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New Reval Podcast: Clarity in the Cloud

Reval’s Chief Technology Officer, Phil Pettinato, brings greater clarity and focus to prospective buyers of treasury and risk systems with his explanation of the differences between SaaS and ASP. Key concepts are defined and backed up with examples to cut through the confusion over what the Cloud is. Listen to more podcasts using these links:…

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