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Increasing Security with Cloud Treasury Software

Working with spreadsheets and outdated technology opens the doors to hackers. Risks often arise if software is configured incorrectly or not updated regularly.

As the number of cyberattacks continues to increase, treasury and IT teams are working closely together to improve data security. Cloud treasury software improves security in many ways. That's why treasury teams are increasingly choosing Software-as-a-Service solutions, when arming up against cyberattacks.

Features to Improve Data Security

Fraud Prevention

Configure user rights and roles, payment signatories, approval workflows and payment limits to prevent cybercrime and internal fraud.

Security Controls

Benefit from data encryption, two-factor-authentication, audit trails and password controls to increase data security. Use black lists and white lists to increase payment security.

Fraud Detection

Sophisticated tools monitor for data breaches in real time. Alerts inform about data manipulations or fraud attempts.

Security Program

Reval has implemented a rigorous security program that's aligned with ISO 27001 and compliant with SSAE16 SOC1/SOC2.

Security Risk #1: Undetected Fraud

Working with spreadsheets, treasury and finance teams may not realize money is disappearing from their corporate accounts. They do not know how much cash they have as it takes them so long to collect all cash positions from their bank portals. Data is already outdated when they are done. A cloud treasury system automates bank connectivity and makes global cash flows visible in real time.

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Security Risk #2: Open Doors for Hackers

Working with disparate systems, treasury and risk management teams often do not have the resources and budget to keep all their specialty tools and interfaces up-to-date. But outdated technology and interfaces leave companies vulnerable to hackers. Cloud-based treasury and risk management solutions update automatically at no additional cost, taking away this burden from the finance experts.

Trying to prevent cybercrime? 5 actions treasurers can take.

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As the number of cyberattacks is constantly increasing, data security is top of business leaders' minds. In this article, Treasury Today explores changing threats and what treasurers can do to help fend off cyber criminals. (April 2016)


Fact Sheet

Reval CyberGuard

At Reval, we take our role in your security seriously. We believe that security is not a one-time event but is ongoing and dynamic. Our proactive approach on behalf of the Reval user community is to ensure that we address all areas of cyber security risk.

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