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Validated Market Data for Daily Valuations

Finance teams often struggle to get precise and timely market data to determine global cash positions and exposures. Working with spreadsheets or with disparate systems, makes sourcing, uploading and updating market data complicated, time-consuming and error-prone.

Reval's experts source and validate independent market data from multiple providers for over 800 curves a day. Market data feeds are seamlessly integrated into Reval, so clients don't have to source information from multiple systems, they simply continue working in the Reval environment.

No other provider offers the breadth of market data that Reval does. Reval's market data service includes interest rates, foreign exchange rates, option pricing, commodity rates and 15 years of historical data. New curves are added on the third Friday of every month.

Features of Reval's Market Data Service

Data Sourcing

Access independent, objective market data to perform pricing analyses, generate mark-to-markets and calculate derivative valuations.


Quality Checks

Benefit from exhaustive data reviews prior to end-of-day publication, including checking for missing rates, stale rates, volatile rate movements and mark-to-market validity testing.

Valuation Service

Use Reval's valuation services for your own market data. It's possible to load separate curves or combine your market data with Reval's curves.

Just a small derivative portfolio? Rely on Reval for derivative valuations.

Fact Sheet

Reval's Market Data Service

Are you tired of sourcing and maintaining market data? Reval's Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) system comes with integrated market data. Easily access interest rates, foreign exchange rates, option pricing, ratings and historical data through our services.

Take a look at our fact sheet for more information on Reval's Market Data Services.

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