Connectivity Services

Secure Connections to Banks and Third-party Systems

Connectivity in the Cloud

Finance professionals are working with a variety of different software applications, including ERP systems, bank portals, market data tools, trading platforms, risk applications and treasury systems. Working with all of these programs, they often have to enter the same data more than once. This manual work is inefficient and error-prone.

Software that integrates treasury and risk management processes end-to-end improves efficiency and eliminates manual intervention. Where straight-through processing and system integration are important, cloud solutions are particularly popular. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology makes it easy to connect systems and subsidiaries. Additionally, all connections and contracts are managed by the SaaS provider.


Bank Polling

Automate bank statement retrieval from global bank partners, and be assured that all bank interfaces are configured accurately and updated regularly.


Export electronic payment files automatically to Fides, SWIFT, NTT Data Gateway and EBICS. Track the status of global payments.

STP Community

Extend Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) workflows into third party systems. Reval's STP Community includes the industry's leading technology providers.

ERP Integration

Connect to ERP systems to automate ledger entries. Reval is the first treasury and risk management app for the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, and is a certified SAP partner.

Reval Connect

Link to additional internal and external systems with Reval's web services. Using common data exchange protocols ensures a seamless integration.

Interface Upgrades

Benefit from a single point of contact for all connectivity concerns. Leveraging SaaS technology, Reval takes care of contracts, interface configuration and regular upgrades.

Reval's Bank Connectivity Service

Finance professionals shouldn't waste their time sourcing data from across multiple banking platforms or juggling dozens of bank security keys in order to execute payments. Reval's Bank Connectivity Service (BCS) offer treasuries in both large and mid-sized companies an effective and easy way to automate global bank connections. From effortless bank polling to secure payment processing to maintaining bank interfaces, Reval manages it all.

Download our fact sheet for more information on Reval's Bank Connectivity Service.


Reval's STP Community

Finance professionals don't have to manually export and import information from one application to another, nor do they have to worry about interfaces, upgrades or multiple vendor relationships to do their day-to-day jobs.

Reval extends the treasury and risk management workflows of its scalable SaaS solution to third-party systems. Enjoy a seamless user experience with Reval's Straight-Through Processing (STP) Community.

Struggling with disconnected systems? Bring it all together with SaaS technology.

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Finance teams in global corporations work with multiple software applications on a daily basis. As their systems are often not connected, they end up manually entering the same data again and again.

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