Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Benefit from the Power of the Community

SaaS Technology for Treasury

Many finance teams spend a significant amount of time implementing and maintaining their treasury technology, when they should be focusing on managing and analyzing cash, liquidity and risk across their companies. Reval is a multi-tenant, single-version Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. This technology delivers value on many levels to global finance teams, but at its core, true SaaS makes their work lives easier. SaaS solutions are easy to buy, implement, use and upgrade.

Thousands of users worldwide leverage Reval for Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) every day. They are all on the latest version, because upgrades happen automatically for the entire user community at the same time.



Companies can connect their people, processes and counterparties with Reval, increasing efficiency and visibility in treasury and risk management.

Big Data

With Reval, finance teams can easily access, collect, and share data. As data collection is automated, they can focus on analyzing global cash and risk positions in real time.


With a growing community of thousands of users, Reval's scalability is proven. Reval will scale with your growing company by adding new capabilities when you need them.


Reval and the IT departments of our user community continuously monitor and scrutinize the security of our SaaS solution. Automated upgrades continuously improve security levels.


Treasury can be a strategic advisor. Reval helps finance teams efficiently collect and analyze data for critical business decisions. Why wait until something goes horribly wrong. Start showing the ROI of treasury today.

SaaS Is Not ASP

Companies still mistake Application Software Provider (ASP) for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Both are cloud technologies, but how are they different?

SaaS providers deliver the same, single version of their treasury application to all users. This one-to-many delivery model means that best practices are hard-coded right into the software and rolled out to the entire community at once. ASP software is delivered to each and every company individually by the vendor.


Looking for accurate market data? Reval offers integrated data feeds.


Automated Upgrades

Upgrading an installed treasury system costs time and money, causing a big headache. Once a treasury project has finally moved to the top of IT's endless to-do-list, it keeps half of treasury's staff from doing their day-to-day jobs.

With Reval, you have implemented your last treasury system. SaaS delivers new capabilities, regulatory enhancements and security improvements automatically to all users at the same time. As upgrades happen over the weekend, users just log onto the new version on Monday morning.


"With Reval we could create a single cloud platform so that we wouldn't have to maintain multiple versions."

- Kenneth Markowitz  at CA Technologies

"We wanted to leverage software-as-a-service technology as much as possible to more easily standardize everyone on the same platform, share data, and achieve visibility and control."

- Scott Lambert, Treasury Senior Director at Cigna

"SaaS was not a key criterion in the selection process, but it was quickly identified as a real value-add for the international corporation."

- Eddie Collis, Group Finance Director at Seek Limited

"We considered local installation and SaaS, but our cost-benefit analysis showed that SaaS would deliver more value, providing scalability across our global operations and instant availability of upgrades."

- Reuben Rattos, Group Treasurer & Investor Relations Manager at Aristocrat Leisure Limited

"By leveraging SaaS technology, Reval’s TRM solution will be easy to roll out to our subsidiaries and facilitate global collaboration."

- Kazuhiro Tsutsumi, Managing Director, Global Treasurer and CFO Japan at Global Logistic Properties


The Power of Community

Want to learn more about cloud treasury Technology, understand the differences between ASP and SaaS and find out what makes a community of SaaS users so powerful?

Take a look at our ebook for more information on the power of SaaS technology.