Reval Releases General Ledger Module with HedgeRx Version 3.0

New York, February 18, 2003 – Reval, a provider of financial risk management solutions and services, announced the release of its latest version of HedgeRx  its flagship derivative hedging management system. HedgeRx Version 3.0 contains a new General Ledger Module for creating and managing the accounting entries for activity in HedgeRx as well as significant enhancements to its commodities management, risk management and FAS 133/IAS 39 functionality.

Reval clients rely on the company’s software and services to provide the highest quality of hedging management for interest rate, foreign exchange, energy and commodity exposures including instrument valuation, risk management analytics, back-office processing and reporting and compliance with FAS 133 and IAS 39 accounting rules. For Reval clients accessing the software via Reval’s hosted software delivery model, the upgrades were thoroughly tested and implemented over the weekend by Reval and available to clients the next business day.

"This first release of 2003 dramatically expands our product breadth and straight-through-processing," said Reval COO Phil Pettinato, " with the natural extension of exposure management to include more sophisticated debt management and the creation of an integrated general ledger module. These additions were designed and executed in conjunction with key customers who are broadening their use of Reval’s services."

The HedgeRx General Ledger (G/L) Module provides built-in accounting and straight through processing to client accounting systems. The new module enables clients to:

  • Account for the entire portfolio managed in HedgeRx including all transaction types including interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodity exposures and derivatives.
  • Utilize Reval’s generic chart of accounts or create their own customized chart.
  • Create accounting snapshots from marks-to-market and FAS 133 reports.
  • Post debits and credits to the HedgeRx ledger.
  • Transfer entries automatically to the corporate accounting system.

In addition to the General Ledger Module, HedgeRx 3.0 contains significant new functionality.

  • Advanced FAS 133 Module: A new "Quick Link" feature allows users to create hedge designations at a click of a button. Create Effectiveness Snapshots to keep a copy of historic effectiveness and changes between periods.
  • New Financial Products Coverage: HedgeRx now covers Swedish Krona/Euro FX options, Swedish Krona interest rate swaps, and Australian Dollar interest rate swaps and offers up to two years of historical pricing data available to clients using Reval’s application service provider (ASP) delivery platform.
  • Commodity Module Enhancements: Commodity Module users can perform FAS 133 hedge allocation reporting.
  • FAS 133 Enhancements: Current FAS 133 users can access new usability features such as reorganized menus and hedge designation templates, enhanced reporting, and additional functionality such as amortization of option premiums, functional currency reporting, and historic Other Comprehensive Income (OCI) release forecasting.
  • Debt Management Enhancements: HedgeRx offers enhanced debt management and accounting including trading, available-for-sale and held-to-maturity features, and the capability to accrete or amortize debt discounts or premiums. In addition, HedgeRx provides the capability for clients to automatically download fixed income transactions from major issuing agents.


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