Reval Recommends: Top 10 Treasury Articles in August/September 2016

It’s hard for treasurers to keep up with regulatory change. The proposed regulation 385 is challenging treasuries in multi-national corporations, as the new rules could have negative effects on intercompany loan management. At the moment, most treasuries are still trying to understand what the impact on their treasury operations would be. Good reads to better understand Section 385 were published by AFP Online and TMI during the summer.

Besides the upcoming regulation 385, finance professionals around the world are busy preparing for IFRS 9 and the Money Market Fund Reform. FASB’s guidance on hedge accounting will be “highly beneficial to many corporates” as iTreasurer reports.

In their list of top trending news, Reval´s industry experts have also included articles on cyber security, Brexit and IFRS 9. Remain up-to-date with Reval!

  1. IFRS 9- too much too soon, or timely and responsive? Via @gtnewsdotcom
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  5. Brexit: Why uncertainty is not a cause for panic in the tech industry Via @bobsguidedotcom
  6. Prepare for Changes in Cash Pooling Via @TMI_live
  7. Here’s a 9-Point Checklist to Help Treasurers Prepare Their Portals for Money Market Fund Reform Via @AFPOnline
  8. Reg 385: Time for Treasurers to Stop Complaining and Prepare Via @AFPonline
  9. Cybersecurity rises up European boardroom agenda Via @gtnewsdotcom
  10. Deloitte CFO Insights: Seven Hidden Costs Of a Cyberattack Via @cfo_innovation