Reval Recommends: Top 10 Articles in April

Reval’s Solutions Consulting team helps treasurers from around the world leverage technology for operational and strategic challenges. They keep a strong pulse on the market and are Reval’s think tank. Their focus is on best practices for financial risk, cash and liquidity management strategies and tactics. As such, here are their must read articles from April:

  1. Warning: Cyber-attackers used SWIFT for fraud via @bobsguidedotcom
  2. How Banks Face the Cybersecurity Challenge via @gtnewsdotcom
  3. Air Asia: Insight into Establishing a SSC via @CT_CFOs
  4. An Integrated Approach to International Payments via @TMI_live
  5. CFO Strategies for Surviving and Thriving in a Volatile Economy via @cfo_innovation
  6. Could Multicurrency Accounts Improve U.S. Competitiveness? via @AFPonline
  7. Can’t Stop the Signal: FX Traders in the Era of Big Data via @FX_MM_Magazine
  8. Making Strides with the Help of Technology via @TreasuryandRisk
  9. Stay Connected with Cloud Treasury Technology via Magazine du Tresorier
  10. The Globalisation of Fintech via @bobsguidedotcom