Reval Education Series Launches Globally

New York, March 16, 2010 – Reval (, a global provider of derivative risk management and hedge accounting solutions, launched today its Reval Education Series in major global cities throughout Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Corporate treasury and accounting professionals interested in learning how to best manage and account for derivative risk can gain new insights from industry peers, Big 4 advisors, and Reval experts taking part in the new education series, which begins today in Zurich and continues this month in Perth on March 18, Frankfurt and Chicago on March 23, and San Francisco on March 25.

The program is designed as a series of professional development offerings set in various interactive learning environments such as regional breakfast roundtables, half-day seminars, and live Webinars. Its aim is to engage attendees in the relevant issues and challenges of using derivatives properly to mitigate risk and comply with evolving hedge accounting regulations.

“Basically, we’re taking our expertise on the road to ensure that companies have an opportunity to learn first-hand from us and from others in the industry about what works, what doesn’t work, and why,” says Reval CEO and Co-founder Jiro Okochi. “By joining with financial professionals from companies across various industries, and with our advisory partners, our goal is to ensure that the programs we are offering are well-rounded, relevant and highly interactive.”

The Reval Education Series attracts corporate treasury and accounting partners such as the Association for Financial Professionals, Association of Corporate Treasurers, and the International Association of Corporate Treasurers (China). The series is free to qualified registrants and provides opportunities for registrants to earn continuing professional education credits.

About Reval

Reval is a global SaaS provider for Treasury and Risk Management, helping enterprises better manage cash, liquidity and financial risk, and account for and report on complex financial instruments and hedging activities.

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