Reval CyberGuard: Active Security Protection Services for Corporate Treasury

Companies are increasingly becoming growing targets for cyber-attacks. Treasuries are working tirelessly to upgrade their cyber-fraud programs in order to protect their organizations and keep up with the escalating pace of cyber-crime. When you and your treasury organization start to build your cyber security plan, here are a few questions you should consider:

  1. Where are the potential points of failure?
  2. What should you focus first?
  3. What is your treasury system provider doing to help keep your organization safe?

Reval’s CyberGuard ensures that our cyber security protection is cutting edge with the latest technologies and protocols for hosting, operations and applications. Reval is committed to platform security. Reval’s CyberGuard provides all clients with encryption tools to help clients prevent and detect fraudulent payment activity and executes best practices for continuous prevention.

Reval understands that this is one of the most common concerns for treasuries today. Reval’s CyberGuard program enables clients to always be steps ahead of any attack. Treasuries using Reval can feel confident that they are working in an environment that enables control and security around process, portfolios, access, transactions, and payments.

To learn more about Reval’s CyberGuard, check out our fact sheet here.