Innovative Treasury Management in the Cloud

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A Scalable Solution for Treasury and Risk Management

Reval is constantly innovating. Its ongoing investment in a single source of code has created a broad range of integrated treasury management and risk management functionality.

Reval is highly scalable and configurable. This makes it easy for treasury teams to get the functionality they need today and add new capabilities as they grow. Leveraging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology, all Reval clients use the same version of the software and are automatically upgraded. This enables everybody to keep pace with changing regulatory and business requirements.

Reval for Corporates and Banks


Global organizations can configured their specific treasury management and risk management solution to scale with them as they grow.


Banks can deliver a superior corporate banking experience to their international clients, helping them to manage and optimize cash and liquidity through the bank's web portal.

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Why Reval for Treasury and Risk Management

Reval, the scalable SaaS treasury system, delivers:

  • Automatic upgrades with new functionality and enhancements
  • Integrated market data feeds
  • Interactive dashboards and custom reporting
  • Seamless connectivity to bank portals and third party systems
  • Access to a community of clients, experts and developers

Case Studies with leading corporations and banks

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Reval makes it possible for you to select and configure Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) technology in the cloud. Find out how Reval meets the needs of your growing organization.

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