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Treasury Management: How to Build An In-house Bank in Asia

November 24, 2015

CFO Innovation

​Typically, an in-house bank is deployed by multinational organizations that have significant transaction volumes and operate across many countries, currencies, and regulatory regimes. In the past, this has been the domain of US and European corporates. However, given the growth of Asia-based multinational corporations in recent years, the number of companies transitioning to in-house banks has been growing in the region​.

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Rising Rates Mean a Rethink for Treasurers

November 12, 2015

Treasury and Risk Magazine

​The October U.S. employment report released last week depicted a healthy job market, indicating that the Federal Reserve may finally start to raise short-term interest rates. For treasurers, a Fed move would signal a whole new ball game in which rising rates could affect their borrowing, short-term investing, and currency exposures.

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TMS provider’s business model: the Reval Cloud Platform

November 9, 2015

C&TM File

​Reval has been operating its cloud-based Software-as-a-Service for corporates since 2001 when it began providing hedge accounting and compliance technology for corporate derivative users to help them comply with the then new FASB hedge accounting rules. Since then they have been continually expanding their offering so that today it covers the full range of treasury and risk management, integrating cash, liquidity and risk management capabilities, as well as hedge accounting and compliance, on a single, cloud-based platform. It serves 600+ corporate clients world-wide, provides over 70,000 daily rates and processes over 3m trades/month. The Reval Cloud Platform is supported by four regional centres using a follow- the-sun concept and by 500+ employees in 12 regional offices across North America, EMEA and APAC. What has driven this global expansion and where are CEO and co-founder Jiro Okochi and his team taking Reval next?

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The Year Ahead

November 2, 2015

Treasury Today Asia

​Vivek Batra, Global Head of Sales, Global Transaction Services, DBS Bank uncertainty continues to permeate the macroeconomic landscape as we move into 4Q15. The question on everyone’s mind: when will the Fed raise interest rates? However, beyond that, the areas of uncertainty extend quite extensively, particularly for treasurers in the APAC region. These include uncertainty over the direction of China’s growth and reforms, the challenges of RMB internationalisation, where we are in the commodities cycle, the outlook for large emerging economies like India and Indonesia, implications pertaining to ASEAN and the new Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

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Keep a Close Eye on Cloud Treasury Offerings

November 1, 2015

International Treasurer

​Companies and their treasury departments are increasingly using third-party software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers to store, analyze and manipulate some of their most sensitive data. The question is, is this a cybersecurity threat just waiting to happen? 

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Third-party Digital Payment Providers Enter Corporate Space

October 29, 2015


​Payment applications developed by companies outside the traditional banking system account for a growing share of financial transactions, with the plethora of new players raising questions on processing costs, technical standards and demand in the burgeoning corporate payment market.

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Reval Ensures Treasurers’ Compliance Abroad

October 20, 2015

​Cloud-based treasury management services provider Reval wants corporate treasurers to make global connections. The company has just launched the updated Reval Cloud Platform treasury and risk management tool, offering updates that aim to connect corporate treasurers with international partners.

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Treasurers Benefit From Tech’s Scale and Flexibility

October 12, 2015

​Software-as-a-Service is more than an industry buzzword. When it comes to cash management and especially treasury functions, having a platform in place that offers new functions on demand can save money, and perhaps as importantly, time for finance professionals.

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Treasury: The Ideal Enterprise Risk Management Leader

September 17, 2015

AFP Online

​Treasury’s role as the authority on enterprise risk management (ERM) is becoming increasingly important. The volatility in stock, FX and commodity markets, plus diverse expectations about the future interest rate environment, are key reasons why companies must take a more holistic view of risk.​

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Ready for Lift-off

September 14, 2015


​Jiro Okochi, CEO at Reval, tells FX-MM editor Peter Garnham why he is excited about the potential of the cloud and his company’s move to service the middle market, and how it will expand the strategic role of treasury.

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