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Winning the Race for Corporate Share of Wallet

September 16, 2016

IBS Intelligence

Reval’s “Global Treasury Benchmarking Survey” of more than 600 corporate financial professionals from all regions helps banks understand how corporate treasury is changing and what they can do to attract new business instead of losing it.

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Europe Gets the Measure of Money Market Funds

July 5, 2016


After years of fierce debate, the US agreed new rules in April for the future regulation of money market funds (MMFs). The new rules, which include increased disclosure, are scheduled for implementation from October. How are similar efforts in Europe progressing, particularly following the UK’s recent decision to exit the European Union (EU)? Jane Lowe, secretary general of the Institutional Money Market Funds Association (IMMFA) provided an overview at GTNews’s recent Treasury Innovation Forum (TIF) held in London.

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How Mid-market Companies Can Efficiently Manage Enterprise-wide FX Risk as They Grow

July 1, 2016

Magazine du Tresorier

Treasurers are challenged to set up a risk framework and find tools to help them control currency volatility.

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Treasury Tools, 20 Years on

May 16, 2016

Having just celebrated its 17th birthday, Reval offers insight into the development of treasury technology.

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How Cloud-based Technology Is Accelerating the In-house Banking Trend

May 9, 2016


In a recent Reval webinar, 63% of financial professionals said they are already using an in-house bank or planning to implement one in near future.

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Making Strides with the Help of Technology

April 28, 2016

Treasury and Risk

​As treasurers’ responsibilities grow, treasury management systems are expanding to meet their needs by enhancing features like analytics and compliance.

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Stay Connected with Cloud Treasury Technology

April 4, 2016

Magazine du Tresorier

With cloud technology, no investment in hardware is needed as the cloud provider takes care of running and maintaining the application.

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How Safe Is Your Financial Data?

April 2, 2016

Treasury Today

Philip Pettinato, Chief Technology Officer at Reval explains the benefits in cloud technology.

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TMS Innovation in the Cloud

March 10, 2016

GT News

 For treasury, the ease with which teams can see, collect, share and analyse data is key to intelligence-based decision-making​.

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Servicing the Corporate Treasury

March 1, 2016


FX-MM’s Frances Faulds looks at recent evidence of a growing interest in new models.

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