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New Hedge Accounting Standard Flashes Green Light

July 13, 2017

Treasury & Risk

A new U.S. accounting standard that makes it easier to account for hedges is likely to encourage more corporates to hedge. The Financial Accounting Standards Board voted last month to finalize the new hedge accounting standard, and the final standard is due out in August. Companies interested in using the new standard won’t have to wait long. The effective date is the start of 2019 for public companies and the start of 2020 for private companies, but businesses are allowed to adopt the new standard early.

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Treasury’s Status Is Rising Say 68% of Finance Professionals

June 30, 2017


Over the next three years, 68% of treasury professionals believe their role will become increasingly important to their businesses. Advances in technology are allowing corporate treasuries to become a stronger strategic partner to the rest of the company, according to a recent survey of treasury professionals.

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Generating Value through Treasury Technology at CLP

May 14, 2017


CLP is committed to implementing best-in-class processes, controls and decision-making across its business, so is its treasury department. As the group continued on its growth trajectory, treasury needed a more robust, scalable treasury management solution to meet its current and future needs, particularly given the fast-changing market and regulatory environment. In this article, Francis Ho, Senior Director – Group Treasury & Project Finance of CLP Holdings, describes the process of selecting and implementing a solution in treasury, the outcomes that treasury has achieved so far, and future plans.

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Big FX Decisions: Options and Forwards and When?

April 5, 2017


Recent volatility has FX managers weighing the right time to use options and forwards.

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Prudential Corporation Asia, Highly Commended, Best SWIFT Solution

January 26, 2017

Treasury Today

This insurance giant decided to partner with a major treasury risk management provider and thirdparty SWIFT service bureau to deliver its solution. The team now process over 1,000 bank statements and monitor exposure against 500+ limits each day.

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What The Updated EU Standards Mean For Corporate Hedging

November 30, 2016


Companies within the European Union, listen up: The European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) has embraced new financial standards on financial instruments, and earlier adoption is now possible within the EU.

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Companies ‘must move fast on IFRS 9’

November 29, 2016


Companies have little time left in which to begin hedge accounting technology projects, now that the European Commission (EC) has endorsed International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 9, says Reval.

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Treasury Innovation in Asia

November 3, 2016


Despite increasing automation throughout most of the corporate organisations in Asia, treasury in many companies has stuck with long-established and often manual practices. Innovation and new technologies are delivering better treasury management systems or alternatives, however, corporate treasuries may soon find new options that could lead to significant enhancements.

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Top 20 Finance Technology Solution Providers – 2016

October 6, 2016

CIO Advisor 

Reval provides robust treasury and risk management capabilities to help banks differentiate webbased services to their corporate banking clients.

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Bank Technology: A Hindrance or an Enabler to Retain Corporate Clients?

September 26, 2016

Financial IT

As companies add new markets, products and entities, they often outgrow the policies, processes and technology they have in place to run their corporate treasury operations. Their first instinct is to turn to their trusted bank partners for help.

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