Hong Kong Aviation Capital Wins Adam Smith Awards Asia with Reval

Hong Kong – 18 November 2015 – Hong Kong Aviation Capital (HKAC) and Reval accepted an Adam Smith Awards Asia 2015 award in Singapore last week, where HKAC was highly commended for Harnessing the Power of Treasury Technology, using Reval. This is the third Adam Smith Award this year honouring Reval clients.

HKAC was recognized for its prescience in choosing a cloud-based solution, which would future-proof the treasury operations of its rapidly growing company. Reval’s solution enabled a smooth transition when the company moved its headquarters from Sydney to Hong Kong during implementation. Moreover, HKAC Treasurer Paul Weerappah says the solution is the best at handling the complexities of HKAC’s business.

“Choosing the right cloud-based system was important. We needed to ensure it was robust and scalable enough to handle the growth of our particularly complex business because it would be our single source of truth, easily accessible to others.” Overall, Weerappah says the solution yielded a smooth technology implementation in disruptive times, a robust controls environment for loan assets, debt and derivatives, and a single source of truth for an increasing number of stakeholders in the company’ growing global organization.

“Kudos to the HKAC treasury team, whose due diligence in choosing the best solution for its organization served them well on several levels,” says Tony Singleton, APAC Managing Director at Reval. “We’re honored to share in this award with such a forward-thinking treasury team.”

Finance professionals can find out more about HKAC’s challenges and solution in Treasury Today’s upcoming Adam Smith Awards Asia 2015 issue, which will be published in January. Earlier this year, Reval clients Cigna and eBay, were also highly commended by Adam Smith Award judges for Harnessing the Power of Technology and Best Risk Management Solution, respectively.

For more information on HKAC´s success story, read the following case study.

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