Global Liquidity Planning to Meet Corporate objectives

As a treasurer today you are tasked with monitoring your short-term cash positions and your long-term strategic cash flow for the future.  The cash position and the liquidity forecast together amount to the total liquidity for your company.  But the minute you think you have your pennies accounted for, you can be thrown a curve ball.  As your company grows globally, your organization and, therefore your liquidity planning, becomes more complex.  What was once a manageable process is now nearly impossible.  You may now have to forecast your cash in different currencies and identify market trends and risks in markets with which you are unfamiliar. Not only will you need visibility into local data but now you will need international data on a regular basis. In addition, you will need to be ready to report that information to senior management when they ask for it, so they can make strategic decisions based on accurate intelligence.

Today, companies that want to leverage the best practices of other leading organizations find that the one-to-many delivery model of software-as-a-service provides them with an efficient and effective way to manage their global liquidity.  A SaaS TRM should enable companies to tap into the best practice workflow refined over years by a global community of users for smooth, straight through processes. This kind of technology should also scale with your growing business operations, so no matter what markets your company enters, or how many new users come online, your SaaS TRM should go with you. More than just automation, a SaaS TRM should enable you to:

  • Gain global visibility into your cash and liquidity for intelligent decision making
  • Run “What if” scenarios, variance analysis, consolidations
  • Access historic data to predict future cash flows
  • Leverage remote forecast entries
  • Perform accurate reporting and analytics
  • Collaborate with stakeholders across the enterprise in real-time
  • Retrieve data from various sources across the organization

As a treasurer of a competitive global company, you must have fast and ready knowledge of your liquidity, any time you need it, or expect to need it. Listen to former Assistant Treasurer and Reval Solution Consultant Dennis Carey talk about liquidity planning in Reval’s on-demand webinar, The Impacts of Globalization on Treasury Organizations, click here.