Reval Hedge Accounting Technical Taskforce (HATT)

Meet Reval's Expert Team for Derivatives, Hedge Accounting, Treasury and Risk Management

A Think Tank for Hedge Accounting and Compliance

With its international team of specialists in derivatives, hedge accounting, treasury and risk management known as the Hedge Accounting Technical Taskforce (HATT), Reval provides an invaluable source of knowledge and support for clients around the globe.

HATT has deep domain expertise in both US GAAP and IFRS. Staying ahead of the curve with these ever-changing domestic and international accounting standards, the experts help finance professionals with practical guidance on technical issues and insight into upcoming regulatory changes.


Practical Guidance

Work with Reval's HATT team to implement regulations including ASC 815 (FAS 133), ASC 820 (FAS 157), ASC 820-10 (FAS 161), IAS 39, IFRS 7, IFRS 13 and IFRS 9.

Thought Leadership on Technical Issues

Leverage Reval's thought leaders for hedge accounting and compliance to better understand domestic and international accounting standards.

Insight into Upcoming Regulatory Changes

Stay informed on regulatory updates and review with Reval's experts how new standards impact business processes and technology requirements.

Preparing for IFRS 9? Get insights from early adopters.

EU Endorses IFRS 9, Companies Can No Longer Delay Action Says Reval

IFRS 9: New Hedging Strategies

Over the last 12-18 months, leading enterprises have started initiatives to early-adopt or prepare for IFRS 9. The new standard is changing hedge accounting fundamentally.

A recent Reval survey shows that 70% of corporates are considering to or have already entered into new hedging strategies as a result of IFRS 9. Find out more about the new opportunities and instruments for hedging risk.


Reval for Hedge Accounting and Compliance

With Reval's expertise and functionality in hedge accounting, you can increase efficiency and control hedge accounting processes, while meeting complex regulatory requirements.

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