Cash and Liquidity Management

Get Real-time Visibility into Global Cash Positions and Control Liquidity across the Enterprise

Make Global Cash Flows Visible in Real Time

As companies continue to grow internationally, they find it increasingly difficult to know how much cash they have in each currency and with each bank partner. They have outgrown their spreadsheet-based treasury operations or are struggling to gather information from multiple systems and subsidiaries.

Now treasury teams can stop wasting precious time on manual tasks. Reval's cash management, liquidity management and bank connectivity capabilities enable real-time insights into cash positions and liquidity risks.

Features for Cash Management and Liquidity Management

Global Cash Management

Capture all cash flows in a single platform in real time. Automate bank statement retrieval, bank account management, cash positioning and reconciliation.

Cash Forecasting & Liquidity Planning

Set up integrated cash forecasts to support strategic funding and investment decisions while efficiently managing short-term credit and long-term debt.

Payments & In-house Banking

Centralize, automate and control payment workflows, end-to-end. Optimize enterprise-wide cash flows with cash pooling, payment factory, multilateral netting, intercompany clearing and in-house banking.

Financial Deal Management

Track, analyze and account for your entire trading portfolio in one centralized location. Manage derivatives through all stages of their life cycle.

Documentation & Controls

Implement 4-eye-principles, limit controls and audit trails to increase security. Improve documentation, while creating compliance reports in seconds.

Dashboards & Reporting

Keep an overview of daily cash positions and exposures with dynamic dashboards. Perform in-depth analysis and create reports automatically to answer tough questions on the fly.

Experience Cash Management in Reval. What's Your Next Step in Success?

trillion USD in payments per year
bank accounts
bank statements per quarter
cash transactions per quarter

Scrambling from portal to portal? Connect to your banks automatically.

Why Reval for Cash and Liquidity Management

Reval's cash management and cash forecasting tools enable treasury teams in multinational corporations and growing mid-market companies to:

  • Increase visibility, efficiency and control for cash positioning, cash forecasting and debt management
  • Improve compliance, while preventing fraud and cyber attacks
  • Decrease bank fees, transactional and operational costs
  • Scale treasury operations to support business growth

Client Testimonials on Cash Management

"At the end of the day, using Reval, we had all the cash in the right place at the right time."

- Eddie Collis, Group Treasurer at SEEK

"The capabilities within Reval get to the heart of what we wanted to accomplish right from the start here at Merit – getting control and visibility of our cash."

- Lyndsay Hustoles, Treasury & Risk Manager at Merit Energy Company

"When we looked to automate a standard process for cash forecasting, we felt the dynamic cash flow forecasting capabilities enabled us to save time and lower idle cash."

-Scott Lambert, Treasury Senior Director at Cigna

"With Reval, we are getting everything we have been looking for in a system- quality cash and risk management functionality and connectivity to our banks, all on one platform; and we don't need to have internal IT resources to implement it."

- Christian Azzopardi, Treasury Manager at Scenic

Fact Sheet

Reval for Global Cash and Liquidity Management

With Reval, you gain visibility into your global cash positions and working capital, increasing efficiency and control.

Download our fact sheet for more information on Reval's cash and liquidity features and benefits.


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