Derivative Sales Services

Differentiate with Value-adding Corporate Derivative Services

New Derivative Services for Corporate Clients

Reval's recognized domain expertise translates into a deep understanding of derivatives that derivative sales desks can leverage to deliver value-added mark to market, risk management, derivative valuation, and hedge accounting services to corporate clients.

Benefits for Derivative Sales Desks

Enhanced Offerings

By adding hedge accounting disclosure, assessment, and measurement to sales/trading and services, banks can furnish their clients with the back-office documentation and reporting they need to comply with hedge accounting standards.

Greater Expertise

Put Reval's hedge accounting experts on the telephone speed dial - leveraging their expertise, the derivative sales team is able to respond quickly and knowledgeably to clients' questions regarding compliance under hedge accounting regulations such as ASC 815 (FAS 133 ) / IAS 39/ IFRS 9 or fair value measurement under ASC 820 (FAS 157) / IFRS 13.

Improved Hedge Effectiveness

Use Reval's independent interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodity market data to perform regression analysis, which improves hedge effectiveness assessments and allows to avoid "small change" effects that are common when using the dollar-offset method.

Better Client Support

Using Reval, clients can significantly reduce the risk of restatement from auditors who disapprove of short-cut or critical terms match methods for effectiveness testing. Reval provides clients with the improved ability to assess and measure hedge effectiveness over the hedge's life and satisfy the client's auditors.

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Features for Derivative Management

Post-Trade Maintenance

  • Hedge accounting and regulatory reporting
  • Retrospective effectiveness testing
  • Independent valuations (CVA)
  • Advanced regression analysis
  • Risk management reports
  • Inventory position reports
  • Back-office event processing
  • Ledger entries and balances

Hedge Evaluation

  • Historical and pro-forma P&L reporting
  • Revenue recognition
  • Benchmark analysis
  • Correlation analysis

Fact Sheet

Reval Hedge Accounting & Valuation Solutions for Derivative Dealers

Today’s end-users of derivatives are struggling with the rapid pace of accounting and regulatory changes. They are looking for strategic help and support from the counterparties they deal with.

Download our fact sheet for more information on Reval Hedge Accounting & Valuation Solutions for Derivative Dealers.