Cash Pooling

Maximize Corporate Return on Cash, Be the Primary Bank

Cash Concentration and Notional Pooling Services

Reval's cash pooling capabilities help financial institutions to optimize their clients' liquidity across the enterprise. Through the bank's web portal, corporates can gain visibility into global cash positions and transactions in real-time.

Features for Cash Pooling

Cash Concentration

Provide your corporate clients with true end-of-day cash concentration. Enable multi-level cash pools across borders, entities and  banks with one global, integrated solution.

Notional Pooling

Set up single or multi-level notional pools with cascading interest reallocation with the at-arm's-length principle. Provide full offsetting and interest enhancement schemes with optional physical interest settlement.

Investment Sweeping

Automatically repatriate idle cash on corporate accounts to on-balance sheet and off-balance sheet vehicles. Offer your corporate clients compliance reporting and analysis of their trade portfolio as a self-service within your bank portal.

Intercompany Loans

As part of the cash concentration process, automatically create and update intercompany loans in real-time. Calculate and book intercompany interest based on your clients' preferences.


Reval is architected to serve as one global solution for liquidity management, integrating into a number of upstream and downstream applications, including core banking platforms and channels.

Experience Reval for Cash Pooling Services. What's Your Next Step in Success?

increase in client wallet share
savings in LCR related cost
y-o-y growth in corporate deposits
minutes cash concentration processing for 10 milion transactions

In the dark with global cash positions? Reval makes cash visible.

Why Reval for a Bank's Cash Pooling Services

Reval's cash pooling services help banks to provide corporate clients with multi-level cash pooling and real-time cash visibility through their web portals to:

  • Become the primary bank through best-practice cash concentration and cash pooling services
  • Creating a powerful value proposition with true end-of-day cash concentration
  • Share interest benefits with your corporate clients and help them minimize idle cash without building complex inter-company loan structures
  • Create additional bank revenue through effective use of corporate cash, while automating investments based on your client's individual preferences

Benefiting from Regulatory Obstacles

IBS Intelligence interviewed Günther Peer, Vice President at Reval, on regulatory challenges, particularly BASEL III, and how financial institutions can turn those into business opportunities.


"Cross border and cross currency pooling creates strategic advantages in comparison to our competitors."

- Denise Simek, Product Manager at RBI

"With Reval's cash pooling, we are able to help our customers [… ] to optimise their cash and liquidity. Reval is providing us with cash pooling solutions that match our client's needs."

- Diejana Van Der Wal, Product Management at Rabobank

"Reval's Treasury Services allow our clients to centralize liquidity, take advantage of pooled balances, optimize interest and gain access to a daily overview of the company's balances and transactions."

- Ulf Sjögren, Senior Cash Management Advisor at Swedbank

"Reval is a partner you can rely on. The company is always on time, in budget and keeps customer needs in mind."

- Thomas Bayrhofer, IT Manager at RBI

Fact Sheet

Reval for Banks

Reval offers banks the ability to advance their corporate banking services for clients faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Download our fact sheet for more information on our features and benefits for a superior banking experience.