Are You in the Dark with Global Cash Positions?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In the past few years, the number of global mergers and acquisitions have reached all-time highs. Treasurers that are hit hard by their company’s growth often lose sight of their global cash.

Treasury professionals may now have to keep an overview of hundreds of bank accounts with different bank partners, in multiple currencies and in many countries around the world. Using simple tools such as spreadsheets or disparate solutions to master complex operations leads to inefficiencies and errors. Cloud-based treasury systems can make it easier to manage complex treasury operations.

To help treasurers get started on their path to success, Reval offers these 5 Steps to Improve Global Cash Visibility.

Fast growth is often having negative effects on productivity and control in global organizations. Cloud technology for treasury and risk management can help centralize, automate and analyze global financial data, making cash visible again.

To find how to efficiently manage global cash flows read our eBook How to Improve Global Cash Visibility.