8 Steps to Build an Accurate Cash Forecast

In a recent Reval survey, treasurers listed improving cash forecasting as their top strategic initiative. This is unsurprising given treasurers are increasingly being asked to support senior management in strategic decision making. They need to provide information on global cash positions, work out funding options and mobilise trapped cash for acquisitions or growth into new markets.

Furthermore, cash positions have been impacted by high volatility in currency and commodity markets and a changing banking environment, forcing treasurers to take a closer look at short- and long-term liquidity.

But putting together an accurate cash forecast is complex, time-consuming and very manual. Really? I don´t think so. I know treasurers who do their global cash forecast in minutes.

If you want to improve the accuracy, timeliness and quality of your cash forecasts, take a look at the 8 steps Reval has developed with its clients to forecast better:



Accurate, confident and timely cash forecasts can improve decision-making and bring tremendous benefits, such as minimising external borrowing costs, maximising investments, better management of currencies or improving control over group companies. Get started now!

To find how to improve liquidity planning read our eBook How to Build an Accurate Cash Forecast or study the AFP Guide to Strategic Global Cash Position Forecasting.