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All eyes on treasury - financial risk management


Financial risk management

has taken center stage at organizations worldwide. It is no longer just a concern. It is a strategic focus. 


Reval provides powerful tools and robust functionality to empower financial executives with the information needed for complex decision making:

  • What’s my risk and should I hedge?
  • What’s the best hedge instrument? 
  • With whom should I transact? 
  • Do I have independent market data? 
  • How do I recognize P&L?

Reval® delivers total visibility into financial risk exposures through a powerful Treasury and

Risk Management

(TRM) solution that helps you answer these questions and execute best-practice hedging strategies.



Reval’s key strengths: 

  • Supports all areas of financial risk: market, credit and liquidity 
  • Provides best-practice exposure management aggregation, evaluation, and tools for derivative execution
  • Provides independent and accurate valuations of derivatives 
  • Evaluates and optimizes hedging strategies to foster strategic decisions and strategy adjustments

Key functionality supports the ability to:

  • Identify and quantify exposures for all major asset classes – interest rates, structured rates, foreign exchange, energy, agriculture, metals, equities, credit – using advanced analytical tools.
  • Execute

    hedging strategies

    – from capture of derivative transactions through all stages of trade execution and confirmation

  • Manage all aspects of post-trade maintenance for the duration of the hedge 
  • Deploy a single version of Reval, which is upgraded semi-annually at no cost to clients, eliminating the need to run costly IT testing

Click here ​to s​ee how Reval can help you effectively and accurately manage the continuous

financial risk management

cycle from exposure capture through execution and evaluation and analysis.