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Commodity & Hedge Accounting


The seismic shift of global financial markets has produced a new era of complex regulatory requirements and increased focus on transparency and accountability for treasury and risk professionals like you. 

Reval’s best-in-class

hedge accounting software

and expertise is leveraged by all 4 of the Big 4 accounting firms​ and is recognized by major corporations worldwide as the preferred solution for meeting complex

regulatory compliance




Using Reval’s

hedge accounting solution, you can achieve and leverage

  • ​​Transparent

    hedge accounting and compliance

    tools that enable effective implementation of hedging transactions. These tools help companies reduce earnings volatility caused by changes in market conditions while offering:

    • Compliance with

      global finance regulations and accounting standards

      under the FASB and IASB​ and more
    • Hedge designation
    • Prospective assessments
    • Retrospective assessments
    • Comprehensive period-end reporting
  • Auditor-approved advanced regression and analysis, which provides:
    • Distinctive

      derivative valuation


      hedge accounting support

    • Proprietary advanced analytic models with independent and validated market data, allowing you to utilize regression as an important analytic tool for assessing hedge effectiveness
  • Integrated back office and accounting processes so

    derivative trade information

    runs seamlessly between the front, middle, and back offices:

    • Inventory & activity reporting 
    • Ledger 
    • Workflow and SOX controls
  • ​Expertise and support for clients around the​ globe.  We have assembled a talented and experienced team of specialists to provide unmatched best-practice treasury management, risk mitigation and derivative knowledge.
  • Reval Center™, outsourced hedge accounting services through a team of experts that are ready to assist with

    derivative and financial instrument valuation

    . Reval Center offers full outsourcing solutions for hedge accounting and compliance reporting.

​For more information on you can benefit from Reval's history of excellence and expertise in Hedge Accounting, click here.​

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