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​​​​​​​​​Unlock the value of global cash and liquidity management​


Reval is delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology that empowers you to have a strategic impact on your organization. Leveraging SaaS provides you​​, your CFO and your entire treasury organization with total visibility into current and forecasted cash positions, giving you the information​ you need to make informed decisions. 

Treasury professionals like you understand that optimizing

cash management and liquidity management

globally allows you to answer the following questions:

  • How can I access untapped working capital?
  • What is needed to reduce my reliance on capital markets?
  • How will I improve counterparty risk management?
  • How can I optimize internal funding decisions and processes?
  • How do I achieve improved resource utilization through better strategic planning?

Reval’s SaaS TRM solution offers treasury the ability to achieve optimized

global cash and liquidity management

through the flexible automation of critical treasury functions.

  • Global

    management of cash and liquidity:

    Through our all-in-one sol
    ution, we help you achieve complete visibility into your organization’s cash positions and exposures to enhance and support strategic decision making processes.
  • Cash forecasting

    and planning:
    Integrated tools help you gain an accurate picture of cash positions to support strategic funding and investment decisions while ensuring access to both short-term credit and long-term financing.

  • Payment and payment factory management: Our leading-edge payment capabilities centralize all aspects of the payment initiation, approval and release workflow into one easy process allowing for stronger audit, controls and visibility. Reval’s workflow also helps to reduce bank transaction costs, optimize liquidity decisions and enforce policies and controls.
  • Financial deal management and visibility: Our configurable and scalable solution allows you to manage, track, analyze and account for your entire trading portfolio in one centralized location. 
  • ​Cost and productivity: We help you flip the 80/20 rule within your organization to increase treasury productivity, efficiency and control for cash assets by automating processes and reducing manual intervention.

When you utilize the Reval solution, you gain comprehensive global visibility into your cash, working capital and positions so that you can streamline your treasury workflow for efficiency and accuracy.   

For more information on Reval’s key cash and liquidity features and benefits click here​.​

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