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​​Hedge Accounting & Compliance: Handle Regulation Efficiently


The seismic shift of global financial markets has produced a new era of complex regulatory requirements. Treasury and risk professionals are challenged to understand the impact of new rules on their operations and they have to adapt their processes to assure compliance on an ongoing basis.

The Reval Cloud Platform for Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) offers best-in-class hedge accounting software. Our functionality is leveraged by all 4 of the Big 4 accounting firms​ and is recognized by major corporations worldwide as the preferred solution for meeting complex regulatory compliance requirements.


hedge accounting solution offers

  • ​​Comprehensive hedge accounting and compliance tools to help you reduce earning volatility caused by changes in market conditions while offering:
    • Compliance with

      global finance regulations and accounting standards

      under the FASB and IASB​ and more
    • Hedge designation
    • Prospective hedge effectiveness assessments
    • Retrospective hedge effectiveness assessments
    • Comprehensive period-end reporting
  • Auditor-approved advanced regression and analysis for:
    • Distinctive

      derivative valuation


      hedge support

    • Proprietary analytic models with independent and validated market data, allowing you to utilize regression as an important analytic tool for assessing hedge effectiveness
  • Integrated back office and accounting processes to run derivative trade information seamlessly between the front, middle, and back office:
    • Inventory & activity reporting 
    • Ledger 
    • Workflow and SOX controls
  • ​Expertise and support for clients around the​ globe. Our Hedge Accounting Technical Task Force (HATT) assembles a talented and experienced team of specialists to provide unmatched best-practice treasury management, risk mitigation and derivative knowledge.
  • Reval Center™, outsourced hedge accounting services through a team of experts that are ready to assist with

    derivative and financial instrument valuation

    . Reval Center offers full outsourcing solutions for hedge accounting and compliance reporting.

​For more information on how you can benefit from Reval's history of excellence and expertise in Hedge Accounting, click here.​

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